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Empowerment Devotional

Day 25: Rising in the Midst of Family Conflict

1 Timothy 3:5: "For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?"

Soar! In 66 days

1 Timothy 3:5: "For if someone does not know how to manage his own household, how will he care for God's church?" Conflict is bound to happen in any family, on a regular basis; this is simply a result of imperfect people living with imperfect people. But when this conflict becomes prolonged or emotionally charged, we must take care not to let it spiral out of control. How we treat our family members reflects how we treat our brothers and sisters in Christ. And so, even in conflict, we should rise, resolving arguments with the love and fairness of God

Write down one of your emotions that you need to get better with when it comes to dealing with conflict amongst family.

Click the button below to download the 66 Days Log Sheet if you haven't done it yet.

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Faith-In-Action:   We've all done that too. The funny thing is, even though we try to hide it, we know that every family has conflict. But it's just as common to feel that conflict shouldn't happen, especially in happy Christian families. What if there's another way to look at it? 

Conflict is a fact of life in a world full of imperfect people. And on its own, conflict is not a big problem. But the way we deal with conflict can be a big problem. Conflict is an opportunity to fulfill God's calling for families. When we look at it that way, we don't have to fear it. 

God's calling for families is the same calling he has for all individuals who follow Christ: We are supposed to represent him in our life here on Earth.

((Pray for your family and call a family member that you haven't talk to in a long time and encourage them)).


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