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Empowerment Devotional

Day 27: Rising in the Midst of Physical Pain

Psalm 41:3: "The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health."

Rise! In 66 days

Psalm 41:3: "The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness, you restore him to full health." Sometimes, we can ignore pain. We can distract ourselves until it goes away. But pain doesn't always go away, especially in the case of chronic illness. Thankfully, we know that God is powerful enough to heal us. But we also know that even if He doesn't, we will one day be made whole in heaven. From a broken arm to a battle with cancer, this truth gives us the strength to rise, even in the midst of severe pain.

Write down ways to show more gratitude even in the midst of sickness/physical pain.

Click the button below to download the 66 Days Log Sheet if you haven't done it yet.

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Pain is the invitation for God to move in and replace our faltering strength with His.

We must invite God into our pain to help us survive while we are in the midst of pain. The only other choice is to run from the pain by using some method of numbing. But numbing the pain — with food, achievements, drugs, alcohol or sex — never goes to the source of the real issue to make us healthier. It only silences our screaming need for help.

We think we are freeing ourselves from the pain when, in reality, what numbs us imprisons us. If we avoid the hurt, the hurt creates a void in us. It slowly kills the potential for our hearts to feel, fully connect. It even steals the best in our relationship with God.

Pain is the sensation that indicates a transformation is needed.

There is a weakness where new strength needs to enter in. And we must choose to pursue long-term strength rather than temporary relief.  So how do we get this new strength? How do we stop ourselves from chasing what will numb us when the deepest parts of us scream for some relief? How do we stop the piercing pain of this minute, this hour? 

"We draw near to him while we are in the midst of Pain" (James 4:8a)

That when you draw near to God, He will draw near to us. When we invite Him close, He always accepts our invitation. The days when my heart feels hurt, and my words feel quite flat, I let Scripture guide my prayers; So on 
((Write down a scripture on a paper and then add your own personal thoughts on what it means to you. Then post it on a wall that you can see it.))


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